Patient Flow Optimization with FutureFlow Rx™

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Future Flow Rx™ reveals key trends, provides operational insights, and offers specific actions to improve patient flow. It accurately predicts future events, helping hospitals like yours make the right operational decisions to reduce risk, decrease the length of stay and improve operational margins.  With a real-time patient flow analytics system, your organization can:
  • Use efficient discharge to decrease labor costs and LOS.  Every hour of discharge delay costs your hospital $2,500.  (Source: Atlantic Health System, HIMSS16)
  • Lower labor costs by optimizing transfer and discharge processes using real-time patient flow analytics.  In an individual hospital, there is between $2 million and $20 million of cost opportunity based on labor costs.
  • Decrease the length of stay (LOS), staff overtime, and nursing hours per patient per day (NHPPD) using discrete event simulation and predictive analytics tied to ADT and staffing systems. 

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The Gantt chart provides your staff a visual map of the past, current, and predicted future location of each patient.